Rohit Sharma: Team India captain Rohit Sharma to drop personal NFT on FanCraze


The Indian cricket team’s captain, Rohit Sharma, will launch his first personal digital collectible, or non-fungible token (NFT), later this week on FanCraze, a technological firm that is creating a cricket metaverse.

Sharma’s NFT will include a rhino artwork as well as his photograph, customised with an autograph.

Sharma has always advocated for conservation and numerous social problems. This NFT will increase awareness about the great otters’ conservation.

“It is special for me to take a cause so close to my heart into newer mediums to raise awareness,” said Sharma, popularly known as the hit machine. “We all need to work towards leaving a better world behind, and the NFT with FanCraze will give fans the opportunity to own unique artwork and spread the word around the ‘#Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign.”

Rohit Sharma: Team India captain Rohit Sharma to drop personal NFT on  FanCraze - The Economic Times

Sharma has used art as a means of communication with the rest of the world over the years. He has been firm in promoting and pushing the globe to do more, from wearing specially created shoes with artwork to social media.

In 2015, he started the ‘Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign in collaboration with WWF India and Animal Planet.

“FanCraze is excited to debut its collection of player NFTs with Rohit Sharma as he sets the benchmark for cricket fans to engage with the next generation of sports-based assets and experiences,” said Anshum Bhambri, CEO, FanCraze. “It is remarkable that with his first personal NFT, Rohit is leveraging this disruptive product to create awareness for the ‘Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign. This is just the beginning of what is possible if one combines creators, content, and commerce.”

FanCraze is developing the official cricket NFT ecosystem, which will allow fans to collect cricket NFTs, participate in play-to-earn games and utilities, and own digital land.

While still in early beta, FanCraze’s market went live in february but has already generated millions of dollars in income.

The ICC, Cricket West Indies (CWI), and a few major teams, leagues, and cricket stars are among the company’s existing partners, giving the company a mo..

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